Traffic Tuesday: Equitable Target Areas and Transit Accessibility

Monday Mapday: Voting in the last 12 months

It's time to get in the voting spirit! Are you an active voter? This map [...]

Where are Millennials renting and buying?

OK... we heard you! In response to the great feedback we received on the "Monday [...]

Traffic Tuesday: Gotta Get Home On Friday

This week's Traffic Tuesday compares congestion (travel speed) for the past two Fridays: January 15 [...]

Monday Mapday: Millennial Homeowners

This map shows the percentage of owner-occupied housing units headed by a Millennial  (age 18-34) [...]

Traffic Tuesday: How Does Atlanta’s Transit Affordability Rank?

January’s Regional Snapshot: Mid-Wage Jobs In Metro Atlanta The topic of the decline of middle-wage jobs is a hot topic nationally. [...]

Traffic Tuesday: Spaghetti Junction is #1

Do metro Atlanta residents feel like they are involved in their communities?

One of the questions asked in the 2015 Metro Atlanta Speaks survey was "How [...]

Monday Mapday: Population with no health insurance coverage

This map uses the most recent healthcare coverage data from the U.S. Census Bureau, showing [...]

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