Transportation Tuesday: Transportation and Warehousing Industry

This map shows areas in metro Atlanta that have the greatest number of employees working [...]

Monday Mapday: Reading Proficiency in Elementary Schools

This map, from our latest Regional Snapshot: Reading Matters and Math Counts, shows the 50 schools with the [...]

Transportation Tuesday: 500,000 Visitors in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend

An estimated 500,000 people visited Atlanta on Labor Day weekend to attend various holiday events. To [...]

Regional Snapshot: Reading Matters and Math Counts

With a new school year starting, education is on a lot of minds...including ours! So, [...]

Monday Mapday: Population Age 65+ in Poverty

The blue areas in this map highlight neighborhoods in metro Atlanta that have a high [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Commuting to Midtown

Midtown Transportation is a Transportation Management Association (TMA) that works with employers in midtown Atlanta [...]

Monday Mapday: Building Permit Activity

This map shows the top twenty metros that had the greatest increase in building permits [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Worst Traffic Jams in August

Where were the worst traffic jams during August? This map shows the top 10 bottlenecks [...]

Metro Atlanta Speaks Spotlight: What Does Douglas County Think?

More Douglas County residents think Transportation is the biggest problem in metro Atlanta compared to [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Long commute – driving alone

This map shows neighborhoods in metro Atlanta where the mean travel time to work is [...]

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