Transportation Tuesday: T-SPLOST

On November 8, 2016, Atlanta voters will vote on two ballot referenda authorizing investment in [...]

Monday Mapday: Change in Family Income

These maps show change in family income from 1970 to today. The blue map shows [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Commuting between Counties

For each of the ten core metro Atlanta counties, this chart shows the number of [...]

Monday Mapday: Educational Attainment

Which cities have the highest educational attainment levels? This map shows the percentage of residents [...]

Regional Snapshot: October 2016

Take a look at October's Regional Snapshot to gear up for the election and see [...]

The Quarter Update: October 2016

It's that time of the year when we take a look to see how our [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Congestion Costs

This visualization shows traffic congestion costs per commuter throughout the U.S. Atlanta ranks on the [...]

Monday Mapday: Patents Filed

Trends in patents are a leading indicator for higher-wage job growth. When there are high amounts [...]

Transportation Tuesday: Worst Traffic Jams in September

The lists and maps below show the Top 10 Worst Bottlenecks in September 2016 in [...]

Monday Mapday: Fastest Growing Metros

This map shows the top twenty metros that had the greatest increase in population from [...]

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