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A year’s worth of pandemic effects: The Small Business Pulse Survey’s final data release

What can data from the Small Business Pulse survey tell us about how Atlanta's businesses fared and what they expect in the near future? This blog post explores a few findings from the final data from the Small Business Pulse Survey.

Multifamily Momentum: Slowed, Not Stalled

In the last decade, multifamily housing has driven a significant share of the population growth in core areas of our region. Multifamily activity has slowed in recent years, and even in the heyday years of Atlanta multifamily construction, building in the sector was relatively constrained compared to single-family in Atlanta and to multifamily building in other metros.

Regional Snapshot: Dynamics of Neighborhood Change, 2000-2019

June's regional snapshot traces the socioeconomic and demographic change as reflected in and through two decades of census- tract level population shifts in the Atlanta Region. These meta-trends are clearly illustrative of increased race and class segregation across the area.

Population Growth Slowing, Part I (A Zoomed-In Preview)

Population is still growing at a healthy clip in our area, but this growth was ebbing some even prior to the pandemic. We look at some ESRI data that indicates that, while fewer small areas are losing population 2010-2020 as compared to the last decade, fewer tracts are growing as quickly as they did during the 2000-2010 period. And overall, our region's growth rate has slowed 2010-2020.

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