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Friday Factday: Tracking the Spread of COVID-19 (Global, US, and Georgia)

As the USA tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 with social distancing and other measures, it's instructive and sobering to review the extent and rapidity of the coronavirus's spread across the world, the country, and the state of GA. These interactive maps provide data visualizations to track the pandemic.

Regional Snapshot: 100 Metros Data Dashboard

This month's regional snapshot provides summary findings from an initial review of a just-released new and (vastly) improved version of a 100 Metros Data Dashboard. This tool enables easy access to interactive rankings of the top 10 major metros, across data in topic areas such as demographics, economics, health, and housing.

Regional Snapshot: 2020 Regional Housing Affordability

This month's regional snapshot provides an assessment of regional housing affordability in the Atlanta region. Starting with a review of historic trends in housing construction and costs, the snapshot then steps through the definition of regional "subareas" based on inventory, price, and affordability characteristics.

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