Happy Hump Day, fellow data voyagers! Web Wednesday, a  new semi-weekly feature on 33 North,  is intended to remind us of recent “hot spots” on the data landscape, and point back to relevant resources and links to more learning on the given topic(s).  

Yesterday, April 10th was Equal Pay Day, the day representing how far into 2018 women would need to work to earn the same as men earned the previous year.

Last month, we published two blog posts that explored the problem of inequity based on gender and race. Take a first, or a second look at those!

And after that, here are some great additional resources to explore the cost and extent of unequal pay:

Pew Trust Report on the Gender Pay Gap

Pew on Race and Gender Pay Gaps

A Senate Subcommittee Study on Gender Pay Inequality

An AAUW Gender Pay Gap Study 

Institute for Women’s Policy Research Report