The Census Bureau has released– over the last few weeks–two great new datasets that are worth a look:

Available through American FactFinder, the ACS 1-year has 2017 estimates for geographic areas with 60,000 people or more.  The next ACS release will be of the 5-year estimates in December of this year.  The ACS 5-year includes estimates for more data variables and smaller geographies (down to the census block group).  The values in the 5-year dataset are derived from a sampling of households between 2013 and 2017 and represent the average for those years.

Currently, summary tables of the AHS 2017 data for the nation and the 15 largest metros (which includes the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell MSA) are available using the American Housing Survey: Table Creator.  The results of the AHS include data on the characteristics and physical conditions of housing units as well as neighborhood quality and home improvement activity.  This first-round release is limited in data scope and geography to the country as a whole and the selected metros.  Later this year, data will be released for another 10 metros and 9 states and will include additional measures of evictions, delinquent payments and notices, and commuting costs.