This month’s Regional Snapshot looks at automation and the potential impact on metro Atlanta jobs.  Which occupations are at greater risk for automation?  Which jobs are “safe?”    Read on for the answers to these questions, and more…

Highlights from this snapshot:

  • Overall, employment growth is strong in metro Atlanta, but several occupations that employ thousands of residents are at-risk for automation in the future.
  • The “Retail Salespersons” occupation employs the most workers in metro Atlanta and is at high risk of automation as more and more technologies come online. Amazon’s Go stores, for example, plan to have no retail clerks at all.
  • Many of the “safest” occupations are concentrated in healthcare and other services that require a “human touch”.
  • Low-skill and low-paying occupations, in general, are at the highest risk of automation.
  • Most of the occupations with the highest risk of automation employ high percentages of younger workers.

Click through the slides below or download the PDF Regional Snapshot: Possible Impacts of Automation on Jobs in Metro Atlanta