As we have said a few times lately on this blog, May is Older Americans Month, and there is an overlap this year, with the completion of the ARC Live Beyond Expectations (Aging) Plan for 2020-2025. Our May 2021 regional snapshot provides statistical background for both events by (1) taking a detailed look at the history and likely futures of growth in our aging populations in the Atlanta Region; (2) assessing spatial clustering of seniors and tandem concerns about prevalence of social isolation; and (3) public health indicators, including COVID-19 incidence, for the older cohorts of our region. Key snapshot findings are:

  • Demographics: The Atlanta region is relatively young compared to the rest of Georgia and other metros, but the share of people 65 or older has been increasing for decades in our area.
  • Population Projections: The 65+ age cohort in the Atlanta region will increase more than all other age cohorts combined, growing by over 200% between 2015 & 2050.
  • Life Expectancy: How long people live depends on where they live in the Atlanta region & this disparity is the focus of the Live Beyond Expectations Strategic Plan .
  • COVID-19 Impact: The pandemic has taken a severe toll on older adults, and has exacerbated issues like social isolation.
  • Metro Atlanta Speaks 2020 Survey: Despite the devastating impacts of the COVID- 19 pandemic, older adults in the Atlanta region remain resilient and optimistic

For (much) more, click through the slides below or download the Regional Snapshot: Aging (May 2021)

For more recently published 33N research or information on aging, check out COVID’s toll on older Atlantans; trends in and locations of seniors living alone in our area; and a dashboard  for two decades of change in the 65+ and 75+ populations on the whole (for region and county). To explore small-area data on older cohorts in our area and State, check out DataNexus. And watch this blog for more posts on aging issues, related shifts in consumer demand, and the release of 2020 Census data –as (we all hope) this pandemic winds down.