The third week of every September is National Singles Week or Unmarried and Single Americans Week, depending on which phrasing you prefer. Seriously, the U.S. Census Bureau even recognizes it. We’re getting a jump-start on celebrating it this year by taking a look at where the 20-County metro area’s unmarried population lives.

The set of maps below takes a look at the rate of unmarried residents at the county and tract level. Click on any area of interest to compare the total rate of unmarried residents to the rate of residents who were never married — which generally accounts for the vast majority of the metro’s unmarried population — as well as the percent of residents who are married. Clayton County has the highest rate of unmarried residents, at 65 percent, and DeKalb and Fulton counties are neck and neck for second place, coming in at 62 percent and 61.8 percent, respectively. On the flip side, Forsyth County has the most married residents, at 65.2 percent, and Henry County comes closest to married-unmarried parity, at 50.7 percent and 49.3 percent respectively.

At the tract level, the highest rates of unmarried residents are (no surprise here) around our universities: The tract around Georgia Tech and the tracts around the Atlanta University Center all have large rates of unmarried individuals, and tracts that span the Connector downtown near Georgia State also have a vast majority of unmarried residents.