The availability of alternative avenues of transportation is on the rise in Atlanta!  With ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and most recently scooter- and moped-sharing, Atlanta residents, workers, and visitors are finding a variety of options to get around the city that do not involve driving a car or only using public transit.  While many of the impacts of these new transportation options are yet to be known, their introduction onto the scene has been hard to miss.

One of the more visible of these new sharing options, Relay Bikes, was launched in Atlanta in the summer of 2016.  Today, the service has 500 bikes and 70 stations (hubs) across the city.  Lucky for us data wonks, Relay Bikes has made its system data freely available to the public.  From September 2017 to June of 2018 there were 86,246 total Relay trips. The dashboard below was created by one of our super-skilled interns and offers an interactive look at some of the travel patterns of the bike-sharing company’s users.  The first two tabs (from left to right) give a breakdown–for the whole system– of the number of trips by month and the frequency of use by hour of day. Note the most frequent use in warmer months and in the middle of the day.  The third tab shows, by station, where bikes have been checked out and returned between September 2017 and June 2018.  Just looking at June, the last tab/tile shows where users traveled from each of the stations (hubs) throughout the city (i.e. destinations from origin).

Click here for a mobile-friendly version of the dashboard.