Starting July 1, 2021, Forsyth County officially joined ARC, becoming our 11th member county. This is a major milestone in ARC’s history: The last time the agency expanded its geography was in 1993 with the addition of Cherokee County.
Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite facts about Forsyth. For comprehensive data, check out its county fact sheet on

1. It is the fastest-growing county in Georgia

In 2000, Forsyth County’s population was 98,407. By 2019, it had more than doubled to 228,383. This 132.1% increase over 20 years ranks it as Georgia’s fastest-growing county.

2. Statewide, it has the greatest rate of residents with a higher ed degree

With 53.1 percent of its residents boasting a bachelor’s or higher, Forsyth barely edges out Fulton County’s 52.9 percent and Oconee’s 52.3 percent of residents holding higher educational degrees.

3. Over half its residents work in management, business, science & arts occupations

Possibly because of those advanced degrees, Forsyth’s #1 occupation for residents is in the high-paid management, business, science and arts category. With 54 percent of residents holding jobs in this area, Forsyth beats the Atlanta MSA by 10 percentage points and the state by 15 points. Statewide, it ranks second for residents in this occupational category, with Oconee County coming in at #1.

4. It has the highest median household income in the state

Given its educational and occupational profile, it is perhaps not surprising that Forsyth’s residents also have high earnings. At $107,218 in 2019, Forsyth County leads the state in median household income. Oconee and Fayette round out the top three, with median incomes of $90,751 and $90,145, respectively.

5. Forsyth’s job base is growing

In 2000, Forsyth County had 33,472 jobs inside the county. By 2010, that number had grown to 53,197 jobs, and as of 2020, it had grown again, to 75,209 jobs. Its growth rate of 59 percent between 2000 and 2010 and 41 percent between 2010 and 2020 puts it in second place for job growth in ARC’s new 11-county area.

6. A majority of its businesses have fewer than 5 employees

As the chart to the right shows, the largest share of businesses in all our counties have fewer than five employees. But with 63 percent of its business base falling into this category, Forsyth County ranks #1 for small businesses. Cherokee, Gwinnett and DeKalb counties come close at its heels.

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