Metro Atlanta is one of the most diverse regions in the southeast and this diversity is largely due to region’s ability to attract, retain, and grow immigrant communities.  In some counties, over a quarter of the population growth is due to an increase in the foreign born population.  This month’s Regional Snapshot explores the foreign born population in metro Atlanta, focusing on the largest contributor to our foreign born population growth – the Hispanic and Latino community.

Highlights from this snapshot:

  • Metro Atlanta is home to an increasing number of international residents. Not only are the counties in metro Atlanta among the most diverse in the southeast, a significant proportion of recent growth has come from those born in different countries, particularly those from Hispanic origins.
  • Georgia has the fastest growth rate of Latino population in the nation, and the Latino population more than doubled in metro Atlanta last decade. Strong Latino growth is forecasted to continue, especially in the core metro counties.
  • Lately, the majority of growth in Latino population has come from those born in the United States. In previous decades, immigration (i.e. new arrivals) was the primary driver of growth.
  • The Latino population is significantly younger than other races/ethnicities. The median age of Latinos is 26, compared to 36 overall and 41 for White, Non-Hispanic.
  • In the 2017 Metro Atlanta Speaks survey, Hispanic/Latino respondents demonstrated higher levels of overall optimism for the future than did respondents overall (among other key differences).

Click through the slides below or download the PDF Regional Snapshot: Metro Atlanta’s Hispanic and Latino Community