It is Snapshot time, and this month we are covering the forecasts recently completed as part of The Atlanta Region’s Plan, which is a long-range comprehensive plan that includes a vision for how the region might accommodate a population of just over eight million people by 2040. Therefore, this Regional Snapshot will unpack those forecasts to show county and small-area trends, focusing on where those 2.5 million people may live.

Although we encourage you to read the whole snapshot to see just how we think the 20-County Atlanta region will change over the years, here are some highlights:

  • The 20-county Atlanta region is forecast to add almost 2.5 million people and slightly more than one million jobs by 2040.
  • Gwinnett County is expected to add almost 500,000 new residents by 2040, by far the largest forecast growth of any county in the Atlanta region. Fulton County is next (294,000), followed by Forsyth (224,000) and Cherokee (159,000).
  • In percentage terms, suburban counties are forecast to increase the most, with Forsyth County being the only county forecast to double its population by 2040.
  • The 20-County area is growing older AND getting younger. Baby Boomers, the largest generation cohort, are aging while younger cohorts like Generation Z (today aged 0-14) and Generation AA (not yet born) will become the majority by 2040.
  • Between 2015 and 2040, we will see a significant decrease in whites and large increases in Hispanics in all counties.
  • While urban counties will see the biggest net increase in jobs, more suburban counties- such as Paulding– will see the largest percent increase in employment. Ultimately, however, jobs will stay concentrated in the urban core. 


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Don’t have time to read the full report? We have a quick overview here!