The recent release of 2012-16 American Community Survey (ACS) data gives us an updated ability to look at small-area changes in race/ ethnicity across the metro region.  The map below shows the change in share (in percentage points) of Hispanic and/or Latino population by census tract between 2010 and the 5-year period ending in 2016.  The areas in dark blue exhibited considerable growth, and those in deep red showed significant decline.  Tracts which exhibited only modest change are shown in pale yellow.  Whereas most tracts showed only modest change, every county in the metro region contains at least one tract which experienced an increase in the share of Hispanic and/or Latino population.  The greatest growth in Hispanic share, however, seems to have occurred in region’s northeastern counties of Gwinnett, Forsyth, and Hall.  The largest declines can be found in two specific tracts, one in Cobb County and the other in (northern) Fulton County, where development pressures have led to demographic change.

To explore these and other data from the 2012-2016 ACS, check out Neighborhood Nexus’s interactive census tract map.

Change in Share (by Percentage Points), Hispanic Population (2010 to 2016)

Data Sources: U.S. Census, Decennial Census, 2010 & American Community Survey, 2012-16 (5-year estimates)
Analysis by ARC Research & Analytics Group