March is Women’s History Month.  At 33n, we will be making women the focus of many of our posts this month — in recognition of all the women who have shaped our history, are crafting our present, and will forge our future. For this Mapday, we are taking a look at where female-headed households are most prevalent in the Atlanta area. The map below shows the percentage share of households headed by a female in each 10-county metro region census tract. Female-headed households include both single-parent family households as well as non-family households in which a women lives alone or with roommates.  Married-couple households in which the woman is the primary earner are not included.  According to 2012-16 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates, 30.8% of all households in 10-county metro region meet the definition of a female-headed household.  The map below shows the spatial distribution of these households, with the census tracts shaded green, blue, or purple having more than 40% of all households headed by a female.  The largest concentrations of female-headed households are found in south Fulton, south DeKalb, and Clayton County.

Source: 2012-2016 5-Year American Community Survey (ACS) data from Census Bureau; analysis by ARC Research & Analytics