June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  According to the American Community Survey (2012-16), 5-year estimates, more than 200 thousand people in the 20-county Atlanta Metro region can claim Caribbean ancestry.  People with Jamaican and Puerto Rican ancestries represent the two largest cohorts of Caribbean-Americans in the region, with estimated populations of over 54 thousand each.

To help visualize where Caribbean-Americans are living in the metro region, we created the maps below.  Click on the tabs to view the breakdown by specific Caribbean country, territory, or region of origin.

People with Caribbean Ancestry

People with Haitian Ancestry

People with Jamaican Ancestry

People with Puerto Rican Ancestry

People with Cuban Ancestry

People with Dominican (Republic) Ancestry

People with Other Caribbean Ancestry

* Other Caribbean ancestries include Dutch West Indian, Trinidadian & Tobagonian, U.S. Virgin Islander, West Indian, Other West Indian, Bahamian, Barbadian, Bermudian, and British West Indian

Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 5-year estimates, 2012-16