Contributing to the affordability problem in Metro Atlanta is the fact that a significant number of subsidized rental homes are coming to the end of their initial subsidy period. To aid in prioritizing affordable housing preservation, Neighborhood Nexus and Enterprise Community Partners have developed the Metro Atlanta Affordable Housing Tool, which highlights subsidized properties in Metro Atlanta and their subsidy expiration dates.

The interactive mapping tool provides property-level subsidy information throughout metro Atlanta. Users can search by city or county, subsidy expiration date, and subsidy type.

For example, this map shows subsidized properties that have subsidies that will expire in the next five years. The different colors symbolize properties with LIHTC, Section 8, FHA, HOME or Section 202 subsidies.

  • In Fulton County, 11,191 LIHTC-subsidized housing units will expire in roughly the next 5 years (87 LIHTC subsidies by 2023).
  • To compare, approximately 3,349 LIHTC-subsidized units have expired (23 subsidies) in the last five years in Fulton County

To identify expiring properties, visit the Metro Atlanta Affordable Housing Tool.