Key insights – Final Update 05/06/2021:

  • There were 13,087 initial unemployment insurance claims in the 10-County area the week of April 25 – May 1 2021, representing a 527.1 percent increase from the March 8 – 14 of 2020 baseline.
  • In the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell MSA, there were 21,567 job postings last week, compared to the 9,076 postings the same week last year in the middle of the first pandemic stay-at-home mandate.
  • Overall time spent out of home increased 1.7 percentage points in the last week. This represents 11.7 percent below last year’s baseline – the highest overall value since the pandemic started.

For more about the tool, continue scrolling, or dive straight into the data using the dashboard to identify trends in each of the ten counties:

About the tool

The dashboard takes a look at economic recovery trends in three measures: initial unemployment insurance (UI) claims by week for the Atlanta Regional Commission’s 10-County area, weekly job postings for the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell MSA, and time spent outside for the Atlanta 10-County Area. The aim is to understand COVID-19’s impact on employment and mobility, which influence our economic landscape.

As noted in the tool, job postings provide just an impression of what is occurring on the ground for hiring, since (a) job boards heavily favor professionalized sectors, and (b) sometimes postings remain on job boards even when the position has been filled or if the company has elected to delay filling a job. Still, examining postings can tell us a lot about what’s in demand in the workplace.

To see claims and mobility trends in specific counties, use the filtering options in the left-hand bar of the dashboard. The second chart view shows job postings by occupation family. To see postings for any other occupation group, select using the drop-down menu to the left of that second chart.


GA Initial Unemployment Insurance Claimes by County:
Georgia Labor Market Explorer

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Job Postings:
Labor Insight, Burning Glass

Time spent outside of home by destination:
Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports