Key insights – Updated 04/01/2021:

  • As of March 27th, all ten counties in the 10-county area had a positivity rate lower than 5 percent. The World Health Organization’s threshold before implementing a reopening strategy or loosening restrictions is 5 percent.
  • Since the week of February 27th, both the 10-county area and Georgia have reduced their positivity rates below the threshold.
  • Fulton and Fayette counties have the lowest positivity rate in the 10-county area as of March 273th, with 3.1 and 2.5 percent of tests returning positive results.
  • During the week ending on March 27th, the 10-county area and Georgia recorded 108 and 348 new COVID-related deaths, respectively.
  • GA DPH reports that, as of March 27th, 3,601,473 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered statewide (counting both the first and second doses).

For more about the tool, continue scrolling, or dive straight into the data using the dashboard to identify trends in each of the ten counties:

*Vaccination data is not available below the state level for the week of March 27th.

About the tool

COVID-19 testing data is fundamental to determine if COVID-19 cases are actually decreasing as opposed to appearing to decrease because we are administering fewer tests. Plus, when a community administers more tests, it can better identify the transmission level of the virus and make fact-based decisions about loosening restrictions and reactivating the economy.

This dashboard uses data published by the Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Status Report on weekly new confirmed cases and weekly new tests. To help understand how both indicators are moving through the population, the dashboard shows confirmed new cases and tests per 1,000 population at the county level (top right chart). The percent positivity rate, which is the most common measure for analyzing the state of the pandemic, is in the chart at the lower right at the county, 10-county region, and state level. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a community have a 5 percent positivity rate before implementing a reopening strategy or loosening restrictions.


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