Atlanta has been a point of origin, a platform of propulsion, and a place of investment for major American artists from W.E.B. DuBois to August Wilson, Gladys Knight to Janelle Monae, Babyface to Usher, Arrested Development to the Migos, Alice Walker to Tayari Jones, and Spike Lee to Tyler Perry. Not to mention that in the past 20 years, Atlanta has become a capital of American culture through the work of artists who are either from here or whose art was made here, including Outkast, TLC, Donald Glover, Saycon Sengbloh, Kenny Leon, Amy Sherald, Tyler Mitchell, Ciara, and Lil Baby.

While we know that no mapping project of a community can capture its full breadth and depth, we have endeavored to create an entry point of understanding through the mapping project linked below. Click on the image below to read more about the community, explore its multifaceted organizations, and take a quick look at some spotlight-stealing groups operating in the metro.

Ready to start your research? You can also head straight to the map explorer, which offers a quick view of how varied the metro’s black arts organizations are, as well as details about each organization on the map. When using, please note that map points are approximate, and in scenarios where organizations do not have publishable addresses, we have placed their locations in a neutral location on the map.