Learn4Life works with schools and community partners to align educational efforts and ensure success for every child in the region. The collaborative helps schools and institutions chart a path forward by sharing practices and experiences.

Together with Neighborhood Nexus, Learn4Life developed a new tool to analyze achievement and growth data for metro Atlanta’s eight school districts.

The new virtual data dashboard focuses on six leading indicators: Kindergarten Readiness, 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency, 8th Grade Math Proficiency, High School Graduation Rates, Postsecondary Enrollment, and Postsecondary Completion. Through the interactive functionalities of the dashboard, users can identify and track achievement data by district, school, and student subgroups.

This tool gives all L4L partners the ability to analyze our region in the key cradle-to-career indicators. You can now find schools that are outperforming the region by a variety of measures, including race and socioeconomic status. The exciting news it that there are bright spots of success throughout our region – this dashboard allows us to find them in just a few clicks.

– Dr. Kenneth Zeff, Executive DIrector, Learn4Life

The Kindergarten Readiness map (right) shows gaps in quality-rated childcare learning facilities by census tract. The visualization shows how the surplus areas in green are scattered across the five counties for which data is available (Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Clayton), as well as the clusters where there are moderate (yellow) and severe (red) deficits. Users can find information on specific areas by typing a ZIP code in the search bar.

Kindergarten Readiness Map from L4L's new dashboard

The School Achievement scatterplot (right) shows the rates of third grade reading proficiency by school and race. Users can hover over the dots on the chart to discover more about each school. Users can also use the filter options to disaggregate by different measures, such as by district, school, economic status and gender. The Growth Over Time page allows users to manipulate the data in similar ways.

This new Learn4Life tool aims to support the efforts of schools, businesses, and community partners to develop data-driven actions to achieve Learn4Life’s cradle-to-career vision.